Why Winter is the Best Time to Think About Mosquito Control

Winter is finally here. It’s the time for cuddling in front of the fire, cozy sweaters, and (mostly) pest-free living. Winter isn’t everyone’s favorite season, but one thing is for sure, the chilly season offers an ideal opportunity to make plans and preparations for the warmer months of spring and summer. Even though it’s too cold to spend much time outside, you can still get a head start on preventing the issue that made the warmer months less than perfect last year—outdoor pests invading your yard! Let us explain to you why winter is the best time to think about mosquito control and how you can get started.

Remember When?

It might be hard to recall that sun shining brightly on your lawn, patio, pool or other outdoor space. That time when you wanted nothing more than to spend some time outside soaking it all in. Unfortunately, for homeowners across south-central Pennsylvania, common pests like mosquitoes and ticks have become a nuisance to outdoor living. Many people think this means abandoning their outdoor space for time spent indoors; but why waste beautiful weather when you can prevent the problem with a tick, and mosquito control solution that really works? Don’t let the pests of summer’s past keep you from summer dreaming. Start thinking about next summer now.

Now Start Planning for Your Best Summer Yet

Don’t just imagine your summer, start making your plans for a pest-free outdoor space now. First, make a list of the areas where your family will spend their time. Maybe it’s your lawn, patio, pool, deck, or the even your kids’ tree house. No matter the outdoor space you have, they can become pest-free with a little help from us. And making plans now will give you the chance to enjoy your outdoor space for longer, without the irritation of pests. If you have any questions about our simple process barrier protection or have other questions about the formula or application, winter is an ideal time to get all the information you need from us.

And Leave the Details to Us

Give us a call today to speak to one of our local pest experts. They can help you set up a date for a technician to start your first application. If you have plans to build or remodel your landscape to accommodate your warm-weather gatherings, let the technician know so they can spray that area too. All you need to do is select the areas you use most, and we will create a barrier to stop pests and let your fun begin. Since our process involves multiple applications of advanced spray technology, winter can be a great time to start planning and preparing for this worthwhile investment in your home and your family’s health and happiness.

Let’s review: start dreaming, start planning, and give us a call. That’s easy. Now, get back to enjoying your winter knowing that once it’s gone you will have a pest-free season to look forward to.