Your Ticket to a Mosquito Free 2018!

Summer is coming, and if your family enjoys spending time outside, then you already know that this season means warm weather, cool drinks, and plenty of chances to go out and play. Unfortunately, the arrival of summer can also come with the annoyance of buzzing pests like mosquitoes every time you try to go outside. Well, lucky you because this blog is your ticket to a mosquito free year!

It’s Not a Secret

We know that the idea of a mosquito free yard sounds like a fable, but it’s not. There is one secret trick that can transform your outdoor space into the pest-free zone of your summer-loving dreams. Now we know what you’re thinking, but don’t worry. “Trick” isn’t implying some sort of silly do-it-yourself project like building a fence made of fly tape or dangling a slew of bug zappers from your trees. This secret is not really a secret either, it is actually a service that has worked for families and businesses all around South Central Pennsylvania. It’s called Mosquito Shield and it’s invisible, effective, and life changing.

Why not DIY?

Unlike DIY pest control solutions similar to the ones you find online or in big-box stores, Mosquito Shield works. Beyond the benefits of having a trained technician apply the spray, the innovative system is based on a three-pronged approach.  Our three-pronged approach kills mosquitoes, masks your CO2 (which attracts mosquitoes), and repels them away from your property.  The spray adheres to foliage, wood, stone/brick, and other organic materials. This creates a vertical barrier that strengthens with each visit. This process is the real secret to a mosquito free yard, because it factors in every detail, keeping pests away or killing them if they even try to pass the powerful vertical barrier around your property.

Make no Mistake!

Many people think they can outsmart mosquitoes using bug spray, candles, or one of the DIY ideas often seen online, unfortunately they are mistaken. You see, mosquitoes can’t easily be fooled because they can find humans using their sense of smell. Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide that humans exhale, and there’s no single product that can block this scent. Only our proprietary system is proven to trick mosquitoes, preventing them from detecting the presence of humans and keeping them out of your outdoor space.

If you’re ready for a mosquito free summer, then stop trying DIY pest control tricks and discover the solution that works, contact us today!