Three Big Reasons Why our Mosquito and Tick Control Service is Different

Spring through fall, there’s nothing we enjoy more than spending time in our backyard with family and friends. For south-central Pennsylvanians, this time is commonly spent hosting parties, gardening, doing home projects, and a cornucopia of other enjoyable options. Unfortunately, there is a common complaint that often prevents families from fully enjoying their yards; the presence of bothersome and possibly dangerous pests like mosquitoes and ticks. You’ve probably heard from a neighbor, on the radio, or in local advertising about mosquito and tick control solutions that can help protect your family. And perhaps you are under the assumption that they are all the same, but we can assure you they are not. We definitely think that our service is set apart from the rest. While we could go on and on about what makes our services unique and control solutions so effective, for the sake of brevity we narrowed it down to our three big reasons why our mosquito and tick control service is different.

We’re not only pest experts, we are experienced Pennsylvanians.

We have been Pennsylvania residents for over twenty years, and have seen for ourselves the growing epidemic of mosquito and tick-borne illnesses. Pennsylvania is one of the worst states for deer ticks and has also seen an increase in mosquito-transmitted West Nile cases recently. Knowing this, we strived to find a way to provide Pennsylvania residents with a proven and effective solution to their pest issues. A solution that would work with our state’s diverse climate zones. Our determination to develop a customized mosquito and tick control solution for residential and commercial properties came from our desire to help families, individuals, and businesses get the most out of Pennsylvania’s beautiful environment and limited outdoor time.

And don’t forget our innovative and proprietary spray.

The patent-pending spray we use is comprised of natural oils and select control products. The spray masks the CO2 produced by humans that attracts mosquitoes. It also irritates pests’ senses while at the same time repelling them away from your property. These all-natural oils create a barrier, through regular visits and applications, and prevent mosquitoes and ticks from entering your yard. One of the most incredible things about our unique technique and formula is the barrier’s ability to last for weeks and increase in strength with repeat visits. This means you can enjoy all of Pennsylvania’s gorgeous weather, and skip the bug spray! We are so sure about this we offer an unconditional money back guarantee.

Unlike the others, it’s more than a one-and-done service.

Pennsylvania straddles two major climate zones which can have a varied effect on our weather here. Instead of just spraying once and leaving, our vector trained technicians actively monitor mosquito populations and weather patterns to reinforce the barrier regularly, strengthening your level of protection with each visit. We return to your property approximately every two weeks. Our proprietary Rain Shield™ is also added for improved protection during wet weather conditions which allow the barrier to remain in effect. The protective barrier (assuming no applications are skipped), gets stronger as the mosquito and tick season progresses.

We like to think that unlike other companies who blindly spray chemicals all over your property, our team uses their local knowledge and expert experience to ensure that you and your family are protected. At Mosquito Shield of South Central Pennsylvania, we’re confident in our unique spray technology which adheres to everything from grass and trees to stone, brick, and wood. When you call us, we will work to help you understand our process so you can feel confident that you’re doing everything possible to better protect your family from mosquitoes.