Spring Cleaning: Backyard Edition

What is it about spring that makes us want to scrub our house from top to bottom? We don’t know but those blooming flowers and sunny days somehow turn the most reluctant (yes, we are talking about us) cleaners into diligent housekeepers. But inside the house is not the only place that could use a bit of elbow grass. After the winter we had, our backyard is in need of a little tidying. That’s why we decided to share our guide to spring cleaning: backyard edition.

Get Your Mind in The Gutter(s)

You likely cleaned your gutters before the winter to prepare for whatever precipitation Mother Nature saw fit to give us this time around. So now it is time to clean them out again since the rain and wind can fill them with leaves and debris. Debris means clogs, clogs can mean standing water, and once the weather warms up that will mean mosquito breeding.

Grill on Fire!

Even if you have been using your patio fireplace or backyard fire pit throughout the winter, it is probably time to give it a good cleaning and safety check. This will help you prepare for the next season of entertaining, will make your outdoor living areas look cleaner and will help ensure the safety of your family and guests. The same goes for your outdoor grill. Make sure it is clean and ready for enjoying (link to Enjoy Spring blog).

Shutter at Clutter

While you are in decluttering and organizing mode, it is a good time to also take a look at your outdoor living areas or playsets to see if there are items you can put away or remove completely. Stacks of unused pots, a container garden that has grown too large for your patio, toys left behind by your dog or child, and yard maintenance tools that never seem to find their way to the garage may now fit in your newly organized shed or deck box. Many areas of clutter can become a tick’s favorite place to hang out while waiting for their next meal.

Keep on Cushion

You’ve made it this far, don’t give up now! Even, if you kept your patio cushions in a deck box or closet, they may stay fairly clean, but now is a good time to check them and see if they are in need of cleaning or repair. This is also a good time to oil wood furniture that requires that type of care, strip and stain wood furniture that has seen better days, repaint metal furniture or finally replace the webbing on those sagging lawn chairs.

Get Trashed

We often overlook cleaning some of the stuff that gets the dirtiest in our homes and yards. This includes our cleaning tools, our vacuums, our cleaning appliances (like dishwashers and washing machines) and yes… our trash cans. Dirty trash cans are an eyesore and can give off an unwelcome odor, so make sure you add cleaning your trash cans to the list.

Once you’ve crossed these off your list you are ready for whatever spring has in store for your backyard. Well, almost ready. Scheduling your 2018 seasonal mosquito and tick prevention application is the last thing you need. Give us a call at (717) 532-2660 to get started. Then, go out and enjoy your beautiful and pest-free backyard!