Mosquito Treatments from Pinterest That Just Don’t Work

Don’t get us wrong we love Pinterest. DIY, party tips, recipes… what’s not to love? In our opinion, it’s those dreaded Pinterest myths.

While we have tackled a few mosquito myths before, we cannot overlook debunking some of the most ridiculous mosquito preventing suggestions making their way through the pinning world today. Let us save you the time and your sanity by giving you the real facts about these popular Pinterest mosquito treatments that just don’t work.

The homemade mosquito “trap.” Simply mix together water, brown sugar, and yeast to trap mosquitoes. Sounds easy, but it doesn’t work. We get the thought behind it. As the yeast feeds on the sugar, it produces carbon dioxide. Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide. The only problem is the more carbon dioxide an entity gives off, the more attractive to mosquitoes it is. Unfortunately, this does not produce nearly the same amount as a human would and not even enough to make a dent on their human loving radar.

The mouthwash yard spray. Ok, this one really gets us. There are a lot of variations out there on using mouthwash to help repel mosquitoes. But, there is absolutely no evidence that it works, because it doesn’t. While researchers still haven’t been able to pinpoint all the nuanced likes and dislikes of mosquitoes, we know enough to know this can’t work. Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide we breath out, our body heat, our natural scents, and various other unique human elements. Nothing that can be covered by a minty fresh spray.

Vapor-rub them away. The pin claims that the cedar leaf oil in this popular cold remedy will do the trick to keep the little biting buzzers at bay. But, cedar leaf oil has not been found to be an effective repellent. The CDC provides the following list active ingredients to look for in an effective repellant: DEET, IR3535, Oil of lemon eucalyptus (OLE), and Picaridin (KBR 3023).

The mosquito repelling garden. While there are a few plants that contain natural oils that are known mosquito repellents, they only work if applied to your skin. Simply having plants around your yard will not do enough to mask the sweet scent that is you.

Planting a few herbs or applying minty products on your skin will not keep mosquitoes at bay. While these DIY ideas might make your yard (and family) smelling good, there’s no way that these “treatments” will really repel or kill mosquitoes, and that’s just fact!

So, what does work? Aside from the repellents mentioned above, Our Guaranteed Protection Plan kills mosquitoes and begins the critical process of establishing a protective barrier on your property. The proprietary Mosquito Protection Blend™ we use is proven effective. It is applied around all active areas such as decks, patios, pools, swing sets, etc. And, we actively monitor mosquito populations and weather patterns and return to your property approximately every two weeks to ensure your protection doesn’t fail. Learn more and get a quote here.