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The Best Ways to Enjoy Your Backyard this Spring

We love this time of year. Flowers are in bloom, people are stepping outside to enjoy the fresh air and temperatures are rising. It’s the perfect time to head outside and enjoy the great outdoors in your own backyard. But after a long (it was waaay too long) winter, you may be a little out of practice in the art of coming up with outdoor activities. That’s why we decided to share, what we think, are the best ways to enjoy your backyard this spring! Throw a party! With the beautiful weather and flourishing surroundings, it’s only natural that the… Read more »

Spring Cleaning: Backyard Edition

What is it about spring that makes us want to scrub our house from top to bottom? We don’t know but those blooming flowers and sunny days somehow turn the most reluctant (yes, we are talking about us) cleaners into diligent housekeepers. But inside the house is not the only place that could use a bit of elbow grass. After the winter we had, our backyard is in need of a little tidying. That’s why we decided to share our guide to spring cleaning: backyard edition. Get Your Mind in The Gutter(s) You likely cleaned your gutters before the winter… Read more »

The Little-Known Connection Between Weather and Tick Outbreaks

Ticks. Even just reading the word is enough to give some people a tingling down the back of their spine. The word brings with it images of afternoon hikes in the woods that end with a thorough body search to make sure none of the little bloodsuckers have hitched a ride. But have you noticed that some years tick season seems worse than others? Well, that’s because weather plays a big role in how bad a tick outbreak might be and when tick season begins. Read on to learn more about this little-known connection between weather and tick outbreaks. The… Read more »

Three Big Reasons Why our Mosquito and Tick Control Service is Different

Spring through fall, there’s nothing we enjoy more than spending time in our backyard with family and friends. For south-central Pennsylvanians, this time is commonly spent hosting parties, gardening, doing home projects, and a cornucopia of other enjoyable options. Unfortunately, there is a common complaint that often prevents families from fully enjoying their yards; the presence of bothersome and possibly dangerous pests like mosquitoes and ticks. You’ve probably heard from a neighbor, on the radio, or in local advertising about mosquito and tick control solutions that can help protect your family. And perhaps you are under the assumption that they… Read more »

Don’t Forget Fido: Our Best Pest Protection Tips for Pets

We LOVE our furry family members. As pet owners, we know all that can go into keeping your pet healthy and happy: regular exercise, a nutritious diet and lots of love and affection. And of course, we are all too aware that pets can be the target of pests. While most pet parents take some steps to protect their fur babies from biting bugs (like fleas and ticks), it is easy to forget just how much of a threat these nuisances can actually be. Ticks can be especially dangerous for pets, including animals that spend any amount of time outdoors,… Read more »

Give Ticks the Cold Shoulder This Fall

Soon, the leaves will begin to turn and we will be breaking out sweaters. While there are many things that you probably associate with the autumn season, we can almost bet that ticks and the diseases they can transmit are probably not amongst them. It is a common misconception that ticks are not as active in the fall. While it is true that ticks are absent during the colder months of winter, it does not mean they die (unfortunately). They simply go into what is referred to as diapause, a period of inactivity characterized by a low metabolic rate, just… Read more »

Beyond Lyme: The Tick Threats You Probably Don’t Know About

Ticks are not just annoying little bloodsuckers, they can be dangerous vectors (organisms that transfer disease). It seems like each year we hear more and more about the prevalence of ticks and tick-related threats. If you don’t remember being scared of tick-borne diseases when you were a kid, or even a decade ago, that’s because you weren’t. The reported prevalence of tick-borne diseases has tripled since 1995. It’s important to take ticks seriously and consider doing more to keep your family safe from them, and keeping yourself informed about tick related threats. Let’s start with some facts. Ticks in the… Read more »

Ten Terrifying Facts About Ticks You’ve Never Heard

Sure, we all know ticks are a nuisance but how well do you really know them? If you’ve ever owned a dog, worked in the yard, taken a walk through the woods or gone camping, you’ve probably encountered at least one tick during the course of your lifetime. And you probably know at least a few facts about ticks—that they’re blood-suckers; that they feed on mammals, including humans; and that they sometimes carry Lyme Disease. But here are ten facts that we can almost guarantee you don’t know about ticks: Ticks are arachnids. Like mites, centipedes, and spiders, they belong… Read more »

All About Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a worldwide infectious disease and has been reported in all fifty states. An estimated 300,000 people become infected with Lyme disease per year. Within the United States, tick carrying Lyme disease is most prevalent in the Northeastern states, including Pennsylvania. Ticks infected with the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi cause the disease and are most active from April to September, which means spring and summer are the prime times for infection. But with the right steps and regular tick checks, you can prevent Lyme disease. It’s also good to know that most cases can be treated and cured. Protecting… Read more »

Five Tips to Protect Your Family from Ticks

Although ticks are technically in the arachnid family, they do share something in coming with mosquitoes. Like mosquitoes, ticks are vectors, or transmitters, of disease. In the U.S., the threat posed from ticks is actually greater than that of mosquitoes. Tick-borne illnesses afflict tens of thousands of people within the U.S. each year. And our fair region of the country definitely has its share of ticks. To protect your family, here are our top tips that will help you deal with ticks. Keep your yard clear. A tick’s favorite hangout is somewhere shady and moist. To keep your yard clear… Read more »