About Us

Mosquito Shield of South Central Pennsylvania is owned by Dan Steenstra, a lifelong landscaper who knows the importance of pest management. Being a Pennsylvania resident for 20+ years he saw the call to action after realizing the growing epidemic of mosquito and tick borne illnesses. Pennsylvania is one of the worst states for deer ticks and has also seen an increase in mosquito transmitted West Nile cases recently. We strive to provide Pennsylvania residents with a proven and effective solution to their pest issues. Our drive to develop a customized mosquito and tick control solution for residential and commercial properties came from our desire to help families, individuals, and businesses get the most out of Pennsylvania’s beautiful environment and limited outdoor time.

To solve the mosquito and tick problems, we developed an innovative, patent pending barrier spray comprised of natural oils and select control products. The groundbreaking spray barrier masks the CO2 produced by humans that attracts mosquitoes, while at the same time repelling them away from your property. One of the most incredible things about our unique technique and formula is the barrier’s ability to last for weeks and increase in strength with repeat visits. This means you can enjoy all of Pennsylvania’s gorgeous weather, and skip the bug spray!

When you contact Mosquito Shield, one of our trained technicians will take the time to get to know your specific needs and treat you property professionally and consistently throughout the season.