5 Reasons Why Now is the Perfect Time to Get Mosquito Control Treatment

The autumn season is almost here! Fall is one of our favorite seasons. It means cooler weather, warm drinks, and plenty of chances to go out and play. Unfortunately, the arrival of fall can also come with the annoyance of buzzing pests like mosquitoes every time you try to go outside. While most people equate spring and summer a mosquito season, those are actually mosquito breeding seasons. And what does their breeding season lead to? Yep, more mosquitoes in the fall. If you’ve considered mosquito control services in order to enjoy your outdoor spaces even more, but you thought that you could do without it in the fall, you may want to rethink that. Here are five reasons why now is the perfect time to start your mosquito control treatment.

#1 They are still buzzing around.

In our region, breeding season for Mosquitoes can reach into early fall. And they are just as active, often times more so in the daytime during the cooler months of late summer and early fall. Which unfortunately is when most of us want to spend time outdoors! Since they are cold-blooded, they do hibernate or die off, but only once temperatures are consistently below 50°F. So, in the early fall months, they feel right at home in the cool, but not cold, weather.

#2 They are hungry.

Similar to a bear does before hibernation, the mosquito spends the fall preparing for winter. The specific behaviors during this time vary depending on the species’ life cycle, habitat, and tolerance to cold. In general, males will begin to die-off while the females, who are also the biters of the species, are just as hungry as ever.

#3 Those fall leaves often mean more mosquitoes.

Fall brings changes in weather, like rain and colder temperatures. The colder climate causes trees to shed their leaves, and when those leaves fall, they can hold the rain like little puddles around your yard. Mosquitoes are attracted to standing water, as it serves as a perfect place for them to congregate and breed. While raking leaves can help prevent this, fall is a season for relaxation and family fun, so why not reserve leaf piles for the kids to jump in by keeping your whole yard free of mosquitoes?

#4 Fall is meant to be enjoyed!

Make a list of your favorite fall activities. We are guessing it might look something like hiking, hayrides, sitting around a camp fire, and of course taking in the beauty of the changing leaves. We are also guessing that nowhere on your list is hiding in the house waiting for the mosquitoes to leave. Don’t let those buzzing bothers ruin your excitement of the season.

#5 Mosquito Shield works.

Our trained technicians are knowledgeable mosquito habits and behavior, they pay attention to late summer’s changeable weather – thinking ahead to create a boundary that really works. We spray our proprietary formula around your property, paying special attention to the areas that you use most, as well as those spots where mosquitoes are most likely to gather. We also pay close attention to the weather conditions, making sure to spray and reinforce the border and keep your outdoor space protected from mosquitoes.

Whether you’re doing necessary yard work like raking and planting, or you’re enjoying fun fall activities with your family, Mosquito Shield can help keep the pests away. Our proprietary formula has helped many people throughout the changing seasons keep mosquitos at bay. No matter what weather the fall season brings, your mosquito control barrier will keep these bothersome buzzers out of your yard, away from your home, and far from your festivities. Contact us today to learn more and book your treatment.